Kristina Schmidt has approximately 10 years web design and project management experience in the digital environment. She has served for clients both big and small across a number of industries. By teaming up with long-term strategic partners, she has offered solutions to a broad spectrum of online issues. In January 2013, Kristina Schmidt Internetprojekte has evolved into Limuni Design.

Strong partners, strong solutions

Limuni Design has been working closely with experts for years. By co-working with strategic partners, projects of various sizes can be addressed and strong solutions can be realized. In collaboration with strategic partners, we can offer up to date solutions to whole range of (technical) issues in the digital environment – website concept development, search engine marketing, E-commerce, user friendliness, accessibility, and modern website technology.

„Aranex GmbH“

Stuttgart based Aranex GmbH is an online agency, offering a host of creative services from website design, mobile campaigns, E-commerce solutions, and online-marketing promotions. A selection of Aranex clients are INTERSPORT, Arthaus Musik, GAZi, GIZ, Monkey47 and Landesapothkerverband BW.

„TEQneers GmbH & Co. KG“

TEQneers Gmbh & Co. KG is a software and application development company. The close physical proximity of TEQneers and Kristina Schmidt ensures their collaboration to work more efficiently, and thus our clients can benefit from swift and professional realization of the projects.

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